5/10 Sunday Home Worship on ZOOM!

As we work towards easing back into corporate worship on Sundays, we continue to gather online over Zoom. This Sunday we will meet at 10:00 a.m. for a Zoom meeting by video and audio!

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Sermon on the Mount Series

Follow along with the songs and scripture: May 10, 2020

How to Connect by Video

If you are connecting by computer, iPad, Tablet, or smartphone, it's super easy!

Just click on JOIN ZOOM MEETING.

(You might need to install the ZOOM app if you are using a device or smartphone.)

Meeting ID: 591 103 404 

Password: shared over email - call or text 540-389-2920 if you need it. However, if you call during the service time, we will be unable to answer this phone.

How to Connect by Phone

If you are dialing in by audio only, just call (929)205-6099.

Meeting ID: 519 103 404

Password: shared over email - call or text 540-389-2920 if you need it. However, if you call during the service time, we will be unable to answer.

Please invite friends, family, and neighbors to join us on Sunday! However, please don't publish the PASSWORD on social media. We want guests! But we want to protect our service from "zoombombers" who have been trying to wreak havoc on other church gatherings online. Thanks for helping to keep our church gathering respectful and worshipful.

Technical Difficulties?

How to download the Zoom App (PC)

How to download the Zoom App (iPad)

Joining a Zoom meeting via email 

My audio isn't working on Android or iPhone

My video or camera isn't working

Other issues


How Will We Do Communion?

There will be a time in our online service when we partake of the Lord's Supper together.

Gather some bread and juice and we will celebrate this memorial of Jesus together. If you need communion emblems (juice or bread), please call 540-389-2920 and we will deliver some to you!


To worship in giving to the work of Living Water Christian Church, go here for information on how to give.


In this time of social distancing, we need more than ever to hear the voice of someone we love. Use your church directory to "claim" two or 3 people you will connect with. Reach out and let them talk. If there is a need you can fill, do it in the love of Jesus. If you need more help to meet the need, share that here

Want to connect with a small group? We have many groups that continue to meet by Zoom and conference call throughout the week. Call the Church Office at 540-389-2920 to connect with one of them!


To speak with a Living Water elder or leader:

  • Tim Hatfield 540-761-6821

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  • Jerry Barnes 540-641-5995
  • Paul Hatfield 540-563-5678

  • Terry Cole 540-309-6025

  • Lester Cole 540-309-1967

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