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A God-Sized Goal: $9,000


The year-end Christmas Offering is a call to sacrificial giving with a goal of $9,000 for four important missions and ministry areas. We have set a goal to reach even more people in Kenya with the message of Jesus Christ, to help the VEF plant SEVEN churches on SEVEN continents, to provide food to local people in need, and to reach our community with a permanent sign! Click here to download the packet with more information.

All-Terrain Tires for the Barron Family in Kenya

We are a church that supports missions. This focus will continue as we have a great opportunity to support Joshua and Ruth Barron and their family as they work among the Maasai people. In 2015 they will need a new set of all-terrain tires for their Land Cruiser. These tires are imported, and prices have skyrocketed. We can help provide for this necessity of daily life in Kenya, giving above and beyond the support we already give this family.

SEVEN churches planted on SEVEN continents

We have a great opportunity to assist the Virginia Evangelizing Fellowship and our sponsorship of the International Conference on Missions in Richmond in 2015. As a result of this partnership, SEVEN churches will be planted worldwide in 2015. We will be a part of this exciting effort to New Zealand, Brazil, Toronto Canada, Asia, Belarus, Togo and Northern Virginia!

Feeding those in need in our community

We have touched hundreds of people over the past few years with this ministry. It is our goal to provide at least 35 boxes full of everything a family will need to provide a nice holiday dinner plus a few additional meals. 

You have already provided hundreds of cans and boxes of food. These additional funds will provide fresh breads, canned meats and fresh fruits/vegetables.

Reach our community with permanent signage

Despite our deficiencies in signage, God keeps sending people to us each Sunday. We want to project the message of God’s grace to our community with an excellent image to show that we care about them and their family. This will also provide the seed money for better directional signage around the property (H2O Center and Teen Cottage).

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